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New Paint Schemes!

O-27 Tank Car



Compatible with all traditionally-sized 3-Rail O/O-27 Trains, Atlas' Industrial Rail Tank Car is of a typical design used to serve many different industries from the 1940s through the 1980s. This style of tank car could be seen on railroads throughout North America, transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Many wore colorful paint schemes advertising the various companies who owned or leased them.

Features Include:
-Die-cast metal trucks and wheels
-Needle point axles
-Detailed brake wheels
-Metal couplers
-Injection molded bodies
-Accurate painting and printing
-Detailed underframe
-Compatible with all traditionally-sized 3-Rail O/O-27 Trains

Two road numbers are available per road name.




New Paint Schemes!

1005014 American Cyanamid
1005015 Diamond Chemicals
1005016 Domino Sugar
1005017 Gulf

MSRP 3-Rail: $39.95
Estimated Delivery: 4th Quarter 2012



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