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Dear Atlas O DASH 8-40BW Customer:

Most of you are wondering about the status of the new O Scale Dash 8-40BW Locomotives. Here is the “real story” on the whereabouts of your DASH 8 engine. Each and every unit has been sent back to the factory for re-working. 

At this time, the primary problem has been identified as a fractional misalignment of the motor to the motor mount, resulting in a random binding problem in the gears that affects low speed operation. Pre-production and production samples did not reveal this situation.

Unfortunately, all units had to be returned to the factory. I know this is not the answer, you, I or anyone else wants to hear, but I refuse to release any product into the marketplace that does not meet the high standards the name Atlas has represented for over 50 years.

I apologize for taking so long to announce this, but testing and investigations involved multiple companies and a large cast of individuals in three countries.

As soon as we get a handle on how quick new motor mounts can be tooled, replaced and returned to us, Atlas O will announce exactly when these engines will be available.

I thank you for your patience and hope you can give us a chance to redeem ourselves with this model when it is finally ready to be released into the market. We are confident you will be pleased we took the extra time to get the product just the way you like it: with reliable performance, outstanding craftsmanship, and prototypical fidelity-- in other words, an "Atlas" engine.

Thank you for your support and your patience.


Tom Haedrich, CEO
Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc.
President, Atlas O, LLC

*Santa Fe Units shipped in December. If you have a Santa Fe Warbonnet Dash 8-40BW that is exhibiting this problem, please call our customer service department at 908-687-9590 and ask for Pete, Steve or Dan. We will make the arrangements with you to correct the problem.

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