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1:50 Scale Elvis Presley 1955 Cadillac El Dorado


Elvis’ pink Cadillac is one of the most iconic pieces of American pop culture history. Often imitated, the original pink 1955 Cadillac remains on display at Graceland. And now you can own your own authentic, accurately painted, professionally detailed model of this timeless classic. Comes with a display stand, packed in a hard plastic case.

Elvis spent a lot of money buying cars, like Cadillacs, that he often gave as gifts. He would give them to his mother, Gladys, to his band members, bodyguards, and his doctor. He also gave Mary Jenkins, his maid and cook for 14 years, three cars, one of them being a Cadillac. Elvis would also gift Charlie Hodge, who was living at Graceland, with a Cadillac but would then on the spur of the moment give Charlie’s car to someone else, knowing he would replace it later.

In 1975, two years before his death, Elvis purchased 15 Cadillacs in one trip.




820034 1:50 Scale Elvis Presley 1955 Cadillac El Dorado $24.95

Estimated Delivery: 4th Quarter 2012

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