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  O 25,500 Gallon Tank Car

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Atlas’ model of the Trinity 25,500 gal, insulated, general-purpose design. This was introduced in 1986 and production continues today. There are at least 13,000 presently in service. Typical commodities include vegetable oil, tallow, styrene, benzene, asphalt, biodiesel, acrylates, and numerous other chemicals.

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Features Include:

  • Accurate painting and printing
  • Numerous detail fittings and components specific to prototype
  • Highly detailed body with prototypical jacket seams
  • Metal end sills, lower side safety rails and safety rail support
  • Length over couplers: 15.5"
  • Minimum radius curve: 36" (2-Rail)
  • Minimum diameter curve: O-54 (3-Rail)

Please note: Atlas "O" scale couplers can also be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

Four road numbers are available per road name except for NS, which has two.




3005000 Undecorated 3006000

New Road Numbers!

3005004 ADM "Molecule" 3006004
3005009 AGP Refined Oil 3006009
3005002 Cargill "Vegetable Oils" 3006002
3005006 GATX "BASF" 3006006

New Paint Schemes!

3005010 DPRX 3006010
3005011 XTRX (First Union Rail) 3006011
3005012 NS First Responders Training Car 3006012


3-Rail MSRP: $94.95
3-Rail MSRP NS Tank Car: $

2-Rail MSRP: $99.95

2-Rail MSRP NS Tank Car: $109.95


Arrival Date: 4th Quarter 2016

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