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O 45' Refrigerator Trailers

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Features Include:

  • True 1/4" dimensions and details

  • Refrigeration unit and fuel tank

  • Two sets of landing gear- fully extended or retracted

  • Working doors, bars, latches

  • Movable wheel assembly

  • Colorful painting and lettering

  • Adjustable hitch pin

Item# Description
3005300 Undecorated
  New Paint Schemes!
3005301 U.S. Army
3005302 Rio Grande (DRGW)
3005303 Pacific Fruit Express (Silver)
3005304 Illinois Central
3005305 Santa Fe

Products bearing Pacific Fruit Express and Rio Grande marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.


*Unlettered units will be painted, but will come with no lettering so that modelers can apply decals if desired


MSRP: $34.95


Expected Delivery: Run Cancelled


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