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                            O 50 Ton War Emergency Hopper

With the onset of WWII, sheet steel became in short supply due to critical national defense applications. In 1942 the War Production Board authorized the design of seven standard freight cars that would utilize "composite" construction with wood replacing the sheet steel wherever feasible. Saving approximately 2 1/2 tons of steel when compared to all-steel construction, the war emergency hopper was one of the successful designs. Over 11,000 of these hoppers were constructed from 1942 through 1945 and many remained in service either in original form or rebuilt with steel sides, throughout the 1950's and 1960’s.

Features Include:

Unique construction in die-cast and ABS
Full interior details
Accurate trainline details and brake system details
Separately-applied grab irons and ladders
Sprung hopper doors
Removable coal load
50 ton Bettendorf die-cast sprung trucks
Die-cast articulated couplers (3-rail)
Die-cast scale couplers with internally sprung knuckles (2-rail)
33” scale metal wheels (2-rail)
Minimum diameter curve (3-rail): O-27
Minimum radius curve (2-rail): 24”

Four road numbers are available per road name.







6421 Baltimore & Ohio 7421
6422 Burlington 7422
6423 Chesapeake & Ohio 7423
6424 Clinchfield 7424
6425 Santa Fe 7425
6426 Virginian 7426
MSRP 3-rail: $49.95
MSRP 2-rail: $52.95

Estimated Delivery: February 2003

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