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WITH Commemorative Edition

Atlas O, LLC presents the release of an O scale 60’ auto parts box car. Depicted in true " scale dimension, the new auto parts model will feature a die-cast floor with complete undercarriage detail, separately applied ladders, brake wheel, end safety platforms and door handles. Available in both single and double door versions, the box car will include sliding doors, die-cast sprung 70-ton roller bearing trucks with simulated shock control couplers and extremely accurate detail, including prototypical painting and lettering. The O scale auto parts car will be available in both 3-rail and 2-rail versions. The 2-rail cars come equipped with scale 33" wheels and Kadee compatible couplers. A radius of O-45 track or wider is recommended for the 3-rail version.

To make this auto parts car even more special, Atlas Model Railroad Company, the sister company to Atlas O, is proud to announce the inclusion of a special 50th Anniversary edition. Created to commemorate Atlas' 50th Anniversary, this box car will be decorated in gold with colorful printing. Proceeds from the sales of the car will go to benefit the Stephan J. Schaffan/ Atlas Model Railroad Company Scholarship. "We’re really excited about celebrating Atlas’ 50th anniversary this year," said Thomas W. Haedrich, CEO of Atlas Model Railroad Company and President of Atlas O, LLC. "That’s why we decided to make it really special by setting up the scholarship. This way, modelers who have come to enjoy high quality Atlas products can have a piece of our history with the commemorative car and help support a good cause as well."

An N scale and HO scale anniversary car will also be released. The cars will be available in the Fall.

Photos will be put online as soon as they are available.

Single-Door Version

Item # 3-rail

Road Name

Item # 2-rail
6530 Undecorated 7530
6531 Baltimore & Ohio 7531
6532 Erie Lackawanna 7532
6533 Norfolk & Western 7533
6534 Western Maryland 7534

Double-Door Version

Item # 3-rail

Road Name

Item # 2-rail
6550 Undecorated 7550
6551 Grand Trunk Western 7551
6552 Rio Grande 7552
6553 Southern 7553
6554 Union Pacific 7554

MSRP 3-rail: $52.95
MSRP 2-rail: $57.95

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