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New Paint Schemes & Road Numbers!

O Coalveyor Bathtub Gondola

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Built in the 1980's by ACF®, the Coalveyor Bathtub Gondola operated in unit train service to deliver coal to power plants. These cars were most often lettered for the utility companies that leased and purchased them. Many are still in service today.

Features Include:
-Die-cast chassis
-Interior bracing
-Removable coal load
-3-Rail cars equipped with rotating coupler at one end - click here to see it in action!
-Brake detail
-100 ton roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
-Accurate painting and printing

Two road numbers are available per road name except for AIG Rail Services, Iowa Southern Utilities and Kansas City Power & Light SJLP which have eight.

3-Rail Item#

Road Name

2-Rail Item#

  New Road Numbers!  
3005600 Undecorated 3006600
3005602 Iowa Southern Utilities 3006602

New Paint Schemes!

3005601 AIG Rail Services 3006601
3005603 Kansas City Power & Light SJLP 3006603
3005604 David J. Joseph 3006604
3005605 Midwest Railcar 3006605
3005606 Sullivan Scrap Metal 3006606
3005607 Transload America 3006607


MSRP 3-Rail: $64.95
MSRP 2-Rail: $69.95

Estimated Delivery: Run Cancelled

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