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Based on prototypes that were built during the 1960s, these cabooses were popular on railroads from coast-coast.

With the advancement of the End-of-Train device, cabooses slowly began to fall out of favor. However, in the early 2000’s, “shoving platforms” began to appear as a place to safely house a crew when a reverse move was required. Instead of riding on the side of a freight car, the crew member now has a safe place to stand, while guiding the rear of a reverse move. Atlas’ shoving platform cabooses will feature blanked out windows (Where appropriate).

Features Include:
-Full interior with crew figures
-Illuminated interior
-Flashing warning light on rear
-All metal grab irons
-Die-cast chassis
-Barber-Bettendorf caboose trucks with rotating bearing caps
-Optional scale couplers supplied with all 3-rail cars
-Minimum diameter curve: O-36 (3-Rail)
-Minimum radius curve: 24" (2-Rail)

Two road numbers are available per road name except for Norfolk Southern and MKT, which have one.




Extended Cupola Caboose

3001258 Undecorated (Extended Vision) 3002258
New Paint Schemes!
3001263 Burlington Northern 3002263
3001264 BNSF (Shoving Platform) (Other Road Number) 3002264
3001265 MKT Bicentennial 3002265

New Road Numbers!

3001266 Alaska Railroad 3002266

Standard Vision Caboose

3003600 Undecorated 3004600
New Paint Schemes!
3003605 Norfolk Southern (N&W Heritage) 3004605
3003606 Norfolk Southern (Southern Heritage) 3004606
3003607 Norfolk Southern (Horsehead Ribbon Logo) 3004607
3003608 Wheeling & Lake Erie 3004608
New Road Numbers!
3003604 Northern Pacific 3004604

*CSX Licensed Product
Products bearing MKT marks are made under trademark license from the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

MSRP 3-Rail:
MSRP 2-Rail: $84.95

Estimated Delivery: 1st Quarter 2017


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