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Dear Forum Participants,

Welcome Back!

For better and worse, the world’s a much different place than it was when we closed down the forum in early September. The tragic events of September 11th in particular motivated us to rapidly review our decision about the forum and to get it up and running as soon as we felt comfortable with the new format and our internal procedures. (Note: please be patient as we shake out the last bugs during the next few weeks.)

Now more than ever, model railroaders need a venue where they can come to discuss model trains and related issues without fear of criticism, mistrust, and judgmental reactions.  While we’ve admittedly had operational and participant difficulties with the forum in the past, the new format, combined with the good intentions of the vast majority of Atlas forum participants, will result in an electronic community where well meaning people can gather in peace. 

To help this goal, Atlas has instituted some internal and external policies and procedures, such as assuring the one time registration reflects a "true" email address. In addition, our guidelines as you’ll see, have basically remained the same, except our ability to administer the site has been greatly enhanced by an internal moderator system which is technically designed to quickly remove any offensive or "out of bounds" postings.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation,

Tom Haedrich
CEO, Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc.
President, Atlas O, LLC.

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