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      Golden Spike Club Limited Edition
California Zephyr CB&Q Passenger Car Set

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Beautiful. Stunning. Elegant. These are all words to describe one of the most beautiful ladies around—The Silver Lady, also known as the California Zephyr. Atlas has offered the cars for individual sale over the past few years and they were well-received to great acclaim. Now, for the first time ever, Atlas is offering a complete set of the CZ train for collectors and modelers alike to enjoy.

To commemorate this special event, we are offering a special version of the train just for members of the Atlas Golden Spike Club in the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy road name. Also exclusive to the GSC sets is a commemorative, numbered metal certificate. This set features a unique car and road names that won’t be available to non-members.

The Unique Car...

The 10-6 Sleeper Car “Silver Rapids” was built in 1948 and put into service on the California Zephyr to help the Pennsylvania Railroad fulfill transcontinental travel to its passengers without the need to disembark. Upon reaching Chicago in when going either East or West, the car would be switched from the California Zephyr to a Pennsylvania Railroad train and vice versa. In the midsixties, when transcontinental service on the CZ was stopped, the “Silver Rapids” entered into service with the PRR and gained Keystone heralds and its roof was repainted black. Amtrak acquired the car in 1971 and retired it from service in 1980. Since 2000, it has been run in charter service where it continues to run to this day.

The car we’ve included in the Golden Spike Club set is the original, silver-roofed version of the “Silver Rapids.” This car is exclusive to this particular set and is a real showpiece for anyone looking to own a complete California Zephyr train.

As an added benefit, we are including a free year of 2017 primary membership to the Golden Spike Club to all members who buy the set.

This set is for GSC members only but it's easy to join. Apply online here!


  • True-scale dimensions and details
  • Selectable interior lighting--choose either track or self-contained battery power
  • Full-scale length cars, approx. 21.3” over diaphragms
  • Accurate representation of the stainless-steel corrugations and welding seams
  • Realistic aluminum finish
  • Full interior details and interior LED lighting
  • Full underbody details
  • Patented Adjust-A-Coupler™ system for horizontal adjustment of couplers and spacing between cars
  • Working diaphragms
  • Sprung die-cast trucks
  • Recommended curves: O-72 Diameter (3-Rail), 40.5” Radius (2-Rail)

Additional features for CZ Set :

  • Includes commemorative, numbered metal certificate
  • Free 2017 primary level GSC membership


Item# Description MSRP Member Price
3007020S California Zephyr CB&Q 12 Car Set - GSC Limited Edition (3-Rail) $1939.40 $1595.00
3009020S California Zephyr CB&Q 12 Car Set - GSC Limited Edition (2-Rail) $1999.40 $1645.00


Expected Delivery: 4th Quarter 2016


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