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New Road Numbers & Paint Schemes!

Gunderson Twin-Stack™ Cars



Based upon the Gunderson prototype of the mid-1980s, these cars helped usher in the "stack train" era of intermodal service. Designed to hold a combination of 40' and 45' containers, these cars run in 5-unit articulated sets.

Features include:

  • Distinctive bulkhead design
  • Die-cast body panels
  • All metal grab irons and stirrups
  • Unique brake system details
  • Roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
  • Accurate painting and lettering
  • All 5 units of the complete articulated set are available in 2 convenient packs:
    Pack A - contains units A and B
    Pack B - contains units C, D and E
    (C-D-E set requires A-B set to function properly)
  • Minimum operational radius:
    Minimum diameter curve (3-Rail): O-54
    Minimum radius (2-Rail) : 36"


Two road numbers are available per road name.




  New Road Numbers!  
3003300 Undecorated (A,B) 3004300
3003301 Undecorated (C,D,E) 3004301

New Paint Schemes!

3003302 CSX (A,B) (BlueWhite) 3004302
3003303 CSX (C,D,E) (Blue/White) 3004303
3003304 NOKL (A,B) (Red/White) 3004304
3003305 NOKL (C,D,E) (Red/White) 3004305
3003306 Susquehanna (A,B) (Red/White) 3004306
3003307 Susquehanna (C,D,E) (Red/White) 3004307
3003308 TTX (A,B) (Yellow/Red/Brown) 3004308
3003309 TTX (C,D,E) (Yellow/Red/Brown) 3004309

MSRP (A & B Set): $159.95
MSRP (C, D & E Set): $209.95

Estimated Delivery: 1st Quarter 2013


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