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  O Gunderson Maxi-IV Well Car


These cars will look great with our new 53' Containers!

Atlas is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new model to its line of O scale intermodal rolling stock—the Atlas Master® Gunderson Maxi-IV Well Car. This die-cast model has been tooled from the ground up to be a centerpiece of an intermodal fleet, resulting in a finely-detailed, full scale model that will look fantastic running on a layout. The minimum radius to run this car is O-54 (recommended O-72) for 3-Rail and 36” for 2-Rail. Newly tooled 53’ Jindo and CIMC containers are being offered as well for use with this, and other, models.

Features Include:

  • Full Scale
  • Finely detailed
  • Equipped with low friction trucks with rotating bearing caps (2-Rail and 3-Rail)
  • 3-Rail O-54 minimum radius with supplied articulated couplings (Recommended O-72)
  • 2-Rail minimum 36” radius
  • Newly tooled containers will be offered for separate sale
  • Die-cast construction

Two road numbers are available per item number. Each unit is a three car set of one road name/road number.




3007400A BNSF (Circle-Cross logo) 3008400A
3007400B BNSF (Circle-Cross logo) 3008400B
3007401A BRAN 3008401A
3007401B BRAN 3008401B
3007402A Florida East Coast 3008402A
3007402B Florida East Coast 3008402B
3007403A TTX Company 3008403A
3007403B TTX Company 3008403B


3-Rail MSRP: $289.95

2-Rail MSRP: $299.95


Estimated Delivery: 2nd Quarter 2016

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