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  O 17,600 Gallon Trinity Corn Syrup Tank Car 

New Paint Schemes!

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The prototype for the 17,600 Gallon Corn Syrup Tank Car was built in large numbers by Trinity Industries between 1984 and 1998. Of the over 7,000 cars that were built, most are still in active service today.

The cars followed a common bent-barrel tank design that helps the product drain and unload easier. These cars are jacketed and insulated, and have exterior coil pipes to heat the commodity to promote faster unloading. Midland food-grade butterfly unload valves and Midland exterior spring safety valves were common appliances used on these cars. The biggest variation in the car production was in the manway / top platform arrangement. Several arrangements were specified by large shippers; for example ADM, Cargill, Corn Products, GATX, MCP, and Staley to name a few.

These tank cars are commonly used to transport varying grades of Corn Syrup, Liquid Sugar, and Molasses from processing facilities to bulk distribution centers and other end-users throughout the US and Canada. They are a very common sight on today's railroads, and they have been for two decades. This initial release features three of the most common manway/top platform arrangements as specified by ADM, Cargill, and Corn Products (among others).

Features Include:
- Separately applied detail such as: train line hoses, coupler cut levers, brake rigging, bottom outlet valve & valve handle, and metal grab irons
- 100 ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
- Accurate painting and printing
- Highly detailed body with prototypical jacket seams
- See-through walkway and platforms
- Overall length: 10 1/4"
- Minimum diameter curve (3-rail): O-36
- Minimum radius curve (2-rail): 24"

Please note: Atlas "O" scale couplers can also be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

Four road numbers are available per road name except for Liquid Sugar which has two.




O 17,600 Gallon Trinity Corn Syrup Tank Car

3003200 Undec 3004200
New Paint Schemes!
3003201 ADM (No Logo) (Black/White/Yellow) 3004201
3003202 CIT Group (Black/White/Yellow) (Cancelled) 3004202
3003203 Ontario Northland (White/Black/Blue) 3004203
3003204 Tate & Lyle Staley (Black/White) 3004204
3003205 VTG North America (Black/White/Yellow) 3004205


3-RAIL MSRP: $74.95

2-RAIL MSRP: $79.95



Estimated Delivery: 1st Quarter 2013

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