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O 40' Re-Built Wood Refrigerator Car

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During their long life span, many of the prototype wood reefers were re-built and modernized at various stages of their service life. This new Atlas O version represents a car as it could be seen in the late 1930s and 1940s, after it was outfitted with several upgrades.

Features Include:
- Simulated metal roof
- Raised hatch platforms with simulated hatch plugs
- Brake wheel and brake housing
- Underframe details
- Braking system
- Highly detailed ABS body
- Separately-applied ladders, grab irons and stirrups
- Separately-applied door hinges, handles and latches
- Opening doors
- Separately-applied opening roof hatches, hinges and latches
- Die-cast underframe
- 40-ton Bettendorf-style trucks
- Die-cast articulated couplers (3-Rail)
- Minimum diameter curve (3-Rail): O-31
- Minimum radius (2-Rail): 24"

2-rail versions feature die-cast scale couplers and scale 33" wheelsets.




  New Road Numbers!  
3001511 Undecorated 3002511
3001530 Lackawanna (Yellow/Black) 3002530
3001531 Pacific Fruit Express (Yellow/Black) 3002531
3001532 Pere Marquette (Yellow/Black) 3002532
3001533 Merchant's Despatch (White/Brown/Red/Blue) 3002533
3001534 Minneapolis & St. Louis (Yellow/Black/Red) 3002534
3001535 Western Pacific/PFE (Yellow/Black) 3002535

Two road numbers are available per road name.

MSRP 3-rail: $79.95
MSRP 2-rail: $84.95


Shipping Date:
April 9, 2015


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