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Atlas O is proud to introduce highly-detailed models of these modern passenger locomotives. Each loco will feature details specific to the road name, and will be available in two road numbers.

Each Atlas O AEM-7/ALP-44 includes:

  • Highly detailed bodies with true " dimensions and details
  • Die-cast chassis, truck sideframes and pilots
  • Scale handrails and cut levers
  • Separately-applied grab irons
  • Detailed cab interior with fully painted crew member
  • Operating pantographs that can be wired for overhead power
  • Directional headlights
  • Directional marker lights
  • 8-wheel drive
  • High performance Pittman motor
  • Dual flywheels
  • Accurate painting and printing
  • Die-cast Lionel compatible couplers
  • Traction tires

All 3-rail units come complete with LocoMatic™ Control which gives you total train control with the push of a button. Featuring:

  • 10 buttons for 15 different locomotive functions
  • Operates in both conventional and command control
  • Works with all traditional and modern tranformers
  • Included with the new AEM-7/ALP-44 units with nothing else to buy!
  • Easy hook-up; no special wiring required

An easy and fun way to operate your new AEM-7/ALP-44! Click here for more detailed info on the LocoMatic Control System...

Additional 3-rail features:

  • Horn, bell and blower sounds
  • Flashing warning lights that are activated with horn and bell operation
  • Selector switches for either forward-first or neutral-first operation
  • Volume control
  • Fully compatible with all classic and modern power supplies, including Lionel TrainMaster in conventional mode.

Additional 2-rail features:

  • All-wheels insulated with 8-wheel pickup
  • NMRA DCC socket
  • Kadee compatible scale couplers
  • Minimum radius: 0-54

The following road names will be available. (There will be two road numbers per road name.)

6200 Undecorated AEM-7 6250
6201 Undecorated ALP-44 6251
6202 *Amtrak AEM-7 6252
6203 MARC AEM-7 6253
6204 SEPTA AEM-7 6254
6205 NJ Transit ALP-44 6255

*Amtrak is a registered trademark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. The Atlas O Amtrak AEM-7 and passenger cars are an officially licensed Amtrak product.

Needing a replacement for aging GG1 electric locomotives on its Northeast Corridor, Amtrak began testing a variety of European electric passenger locomotives. The Swedish Rc-4 locomotive, built by ASEA, proved to be best-suited for the rigorous Metroliner Service, Amtrak had envisioned between New York and Washington.

The first AEM-7’s began arriving in November of 1979 and continued to be built throughout the 1980-’s. Packing 7000 HP into a locomotive car body only 51’ in length, the AEM-7 consistently achieves speeds of 125 mph in Metroliner Service.

In addition to the Amtrak units, AEM-7’s have been purchased by MARC and SEPTA for commuter service out of Washington DC and Philadelphia.

In 1990, NJ Transit received the first of their fleet of ALP-44’s. Basically, an AEM-7 with NJ Transit specified options, the ALP-44 has proven highly successful in New Jersey commuter operations.


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