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Each Atlas O Amtrak Horizon Passenger Car includes:

  • Full scale length, approximately 21.5"

  • Available in both coach and dinette versions

  • Accurate scale details

  • Separately applied metal handrails

  • Rubber diaphragms on each end

  • Interior seating

  • Accurate-modeled die-cast Superliner II trucks

  • Operating tail lights (which can be switched on or off, so any car can be the last of the train)

  • Die-cast operating couplers (3-rail)

  • Accurate painting and lettering

  • 2 rail version equipped with scale wheelsets and

  • body-mounted Kadee compatible couplers

  • Minimum radius (3 rail) O-54

Amtrak Horizon Cars - Prototype Background
Arguably, one of the most successful passenger car designs used in North America, the Amtrak Horizon Fleet has proven to be extremely versatile and can be found in service anywhere in the US.

Built by Bombardier in 1988-90, the 104 cars in the fleet are based upon the Comet II commuter car which had been available since 1980. Modified to be more suitable for long distance service, the Horizon cars feature reclining seating, standard accordian diaphragms between cars and the superior riding General Steel Industries (GSI) Superliner II trucks.

Offered for the first time in O gauge, these full-scale length cars will look great behind the Atlas O AEM-7 or any modern Amtrak diesel locomotive.

$79.95 each
6230 Amtrak - Coach Sold Out
6231 Amtrak - Dinette 7231
  THREE PACKS $239.95 each
Contains one dinette and two coach cars
6210 Undecorated - Horizon 7210
6212 Amtrak Sold Out

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