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Atlas O's new Atlas O AEM-7/ALP-44 locomotives come complete with LocoMatic Control, with nothing else needed to buy. LocoMatic Control features total train control with the push of a button.

Summary Information:

The following information is a summary of some of the operating features found on the new Atlas O AEM-7/ALP-44 locomotives when used with the new Atlas O LocoMatic™ Control System. The controller is included with the new AEM-7/ALP-44 units, with nothing else to buy! Both Locomotives and Controllers will soon be available at Atlas O Dealers throughout the United States. Atlas O will print a detailed manual that will come with the packaged locomotive/controller set. This brochure has been prepared to give you a glimpse of the possibilities these two products provide you when working together.

The LocoMatic™ Control Box was designed exclusively for Atlas O, LLC by Dallee Electronics Inc.


The sounds of the Atlas O AEM-7/ALP-44 have been recorded from the actual locomotive and are prototypically correct for utmost realism. Sounds included are horn, bell, brake release, air compressor and cooling blowers.


The AEM-7/ALP-44 is equipped with lighting that is directional so that the forward headlight and the rear marker lights will illuminate when the locomotive is in forward motion. When the locomotive is in reverse motion the rear headlight and forward marker lights will illuminate. The headlights and marker lights can also be manually operated by means of the ATLAS O LOCOMATIC™ CONTROLLER.


Your Atlas O AEM-7/ALP-44 will operate correctly with your transformer in the same manner as traditional locomotives, but with the simple installation of the LocoMatic™ Control Box, operation will be greatly enhanced.

The LocoMatic™ Controller contains ten operating buttons and is usable either in conjunction with your regular transformer or as an independent control with a fixed voltage applied to the track. The LocoMatic™ Controller is a pass through type of device which is wired between your transformer and the track. The LocoMatic™ Controller itself is powered by a 9 volt DC plug in power supply which is included. Some of the buttons cause activation as long as they are held "on" while others work in a push-on,push-off mode. The lower right hand button, labled ‘ALT’, is the alternate button which provides a second function to each of the other nine buttons. For example; pressing the COUPLER button will operate the rear/trailing coupler while pressing ALT/COUPLER will operate the front/leading coupler. Not all of the buttons have alternate functions on this locomotive. The ten Controller buttons perform the following:

BELL - turns bell "on" or "off"

ALT/BELL - restores automatic directional lighting

Note - lighting on this locomotive is directional until a request is made via the CONTROLLER for a manual activation. Lighting functions will then remain manual via the CONTROLLER. Pressing ALT/BELL will allow all lighting functions to return to directional operation at the next direction request.

HEADLIGHT - turns front headlight "on" or "off"

ALT/HEADLIGHT - turns rear headlight "on" or "off"

MARKERS - turns front marker lights "on" or "off"

ALT/MARKERS - turns rear marker lights "on" or "off"

STROBE - turns front strobe lights "on" or "off"

ALT/STROBE - turns rear strobe lights "on" or "off"

Note - the rear strobe lights on this locomotive are decorative only and do not illuminate. The strobe lights of the Deluxe tail car will operate as rear strobe lights.

COUPLER - activates the locomotive rear/trailing coupler

ALT/COUPLER---activates the locomotive front/leading coupler

HORN - activates the horn

ALT/HORN - no function on this locomotive

FORWARD - forward motion overiding sequencing

ALT/FORWARD - no function on this locomotive

REVERSE - reverse motion overiding sequencing

ALT/REVERSE - turns COOLING BLOWERS sound "on" or "off"

SLOW - neutral position overiding sequencing

ALT/SLOW - neutral position or emergency stop

ALT - alternate button for second functions


Connect two wires from your transformer to the terminals on the CONTROLLER labled IN. The U terminal is the "common" and the A terminal is the "hot".

Then connect two wires from the terminals labled OUT to the track. The U terminal is connected to the outside rails of your track and the A is connected to the center rail. This installs the CONTROLLER as a pass through between your transformer and the track. We recommend using #20 stranded wire, such as Atlas item # 315-319, as a minimum, for these connections. If the CONTROLLER is not "on" your transformer will still function normally. Connect the 9 volt DC power supply to the input jack on the CONTROLLER and plug it in. The CONTROLLER is now "on" and is ready to operate with your transformer.

In summary, LocoMatic™ Control allows fingertip operation of a unique sound and control system with the additional features of realistic, prototypical speed and direction control.


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