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Atlas O has introduced an excellent model of Electro-Motive Division’s GP60 road diesel that captures the prototype’s angular good looks and delivers plenty of pulling power. It’s a well-detailed mainline locomotive similar to the GP35 reviewed in the February 2004 Model Railroader. Two GP60s are available for use on two-rail layouts. One operates on DC while the other uses the two-rail version of Lionel’s TrainMaster Command Control (TMCC) with the RailSounds 4.0 system.

Third generation. Electro-Motive Division introduced the prototype GP60 in 1985 as an advanced third-generation locomotive designed for high-speed intermodal service. Its 3,800 hp made it the most powerful Geep ever built. The GP60 incorporated microprocessor computer technology to control its operation and onboard diagnostics. Except for the three demonstrators, all of the production GP60s were built at General Motors’ plant in London, Ontario, Canada.

The GP60 was purchased mostly by major transcontinental railroads, and all of the paint schemes offered are correct.

This model closely follows prototype plans published in EMD sales literature. Our sample GP60 has a detailed three-piece plastic body with individually applied railroad-specific details and wire grab irons. The boxy dynamic brake housing indicates that it’s a post-1989 locomotive. A heavy die-cast metal frame includes the pilots, steps, and running boards, which have a nice-looking safety tread. The fuel tank is a separate casting with an opening underneath for a speaker.

The model rides on the latest style of EMD GP-type trucks fitted with damping struts at opposite corners. These trucks have well-detailed die-cast metal sideframes with factory-applied brake cylinders, piping, and swing hangers. The blackened nickel-silver RP-25 contour wheels match the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) standards gauge.

Each truck has its’ own flywheel-equipped vertical can motor driving both axles. A black plastic housing conceals the motor that’s in the cab.

Small soldering tabs are provided on the locomotive’s printed circuit board for conversion to NMRA Digital Command Control (DCC). A pair of plugs and color-coded wires that match NMRA Recommended practice 9.1.1 are included along with instructions. A heavy-duty (6 amp) decoder is recommended for this model.

The GP60 has directional headlights and a smoke unit to simulate the diesel exhaust. The smoke unit is controlled by a small slide switch concealed in the chassis under the engineer’s side of the cab.

Sound and TMCC version. Atlas sells this two-rail locomotive with factory installed Lionel TrainMaster Command Control that offers a choice of 32 or 128 speed steps. The RailSounds digital sound system and operating ditch lights will function only in the TMCC mode. The Lionel TMCC is not compatible with NMRA DCC standards.

Performance: Our sample GP60 started at two volts and ran smoothly at a scale 6.5 scale mph. Its dual-motor drive delivered enough tractive effort to pull 57 free-rolling cars on straight and level track.

Once again, Atlas O has deleivered a great-looking model that performs well. – J.D.H.

O Scale GP60 Features
Blackened nickel-silver RP-25 wheelsets (in gauge)
Directional headlights
Drawbar pull: 19 ounces
Eight-wheel electrical pickup
Kadee-compatible scale magnetic knuckle couplers
Metal grab irons, handrails, and stanchions
Minimum radius: 36”
Provision for NMRA Digital Command Control (DCC) using plugs and cables (supplied)
Railroad-specific details
Twin motors with flywheels
Weight: 4.7 pounds
Windshield wipers

O Scale GP60 Locomotive
Two-rail DC, $419.95; two-rail with TMCC and QSI sound $449.95; unpowered $209.95
Atlas O
378 Florence Avenue
Hillside, NJ 07205-1799
Ready to run plastic and metal road diesel locomotive
Road Names
Undecorated, St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt); Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe (yellow warbonnet); Denver & Rio Grande Western: and Norfolk Southern
Limited editions: Electro-Motive Division demonstrator and Vermont Ry.



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