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For operators of traditional magnetic traction locomotives, Atlas O's Solid Steel 21st Century Track is for you. This track has all the great features of Atlas O's 3-rail nickel silver track with just one difference-the Solid Steel rail.

Like its nickel silver counterpart, Atlas O's 3-rail Solid Steel track looks real, has prototypical details, and allows for smooth, problem-free operation. Each Solid Steel section and switch features a blackened center rail, scale-sized, black plastic ties with wood grain, tie-plates with spikes, and rail joiners with bolt detail of real track.

Snap-locks on Solid Steel sections ensure positive track connections and electrical conductivity. And best of all, the geometry of the Solid Steel system is the same as the nickel silver system, providing flexibility and eliminating the need for custom cutting or fitting.

Since the nickel silver and Solid Steel track look so similar, we made the railroad ties black on the Solid Steel track sections, just so you could easily tell the difference! Now you have two choices with Atlas O's revolutionary 21st Century Track System-nickel silver rail with brown ties or Solid Steel rail with black ties. With the same features and reliability, you can choose which best meets your needs.





10" Straight Terminal Section

96050 10 " Straight 2.95
96051 4 1/2" Straight 2.25
96052 1 -3/4" Straight (4 pcs./blister) 5.95
96053 5 1/2" Straight 2.50
96056 40" Custom Flex w/ Simulated Wood Ties 11.80
96057 3-Tie Snap Lock Clips w/ Black Wood Ties (8 pcs./blister); finishing piece used when cutting flex 2.95
96058 40" Custom Rigid Straight 10.80
96059 1 3/4" Uncoupling Track 9.95
96060 O-54 Full Curve (16 pcs. to circle) 2.95
96061 O-54 Half Curve 2.25
96062 O-72 Full Curve (16 pcs. to circle) 4.35
96063 O-72 Half Curve 2.95
96066 O-36 Full Curve (12 pcs. to circle) 2.95
96068 O-36 Quarter Curve (4 pcs. blister) 6.75
96070 O-54 Remote Left 49.95
96071 O-54 Remote Right 49.95
96072 O-72 Remote Left 49.95
96073 O-72 Remote Right 49.95
96075 O-36 Remote Left 49.95
96076 O-36 Remote Right 49.95
96080 90 Degree Crossing 9.95
Coming in November!

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